stalactite rain


     Here’s another shadow of the previously mentioned cave skellie idea.  This image also spawned a further development in the story:

     He’s spotted me and now his confusion seems lessened by having someone to focus on.  His erection wanes a little and now starts to drip blood as he advances directly towards me.  I continue to retreat, weaving in and out of the stalactites, stalagmites and columns, attempting to outmaneuver him.  His arms are outstretched wide as he continues pursuit, there’s no way around.  Behind him I can see daylight diminishing as he forces me deeper and deeper into the cave.

     I’m even more curious now to see where this will all lead.  I’ll keep you posted as best I can.

5 thoughts on “stalactite rain

  1. Great texture. It's almost like I can feel it when I look at it. I'm thinking it would feel gritty like sandpaper.

    Wherever this story is going, I hope it takes him to the doctor to investigate that blood coming out of his penis.

  2. I must agree. Penis blood is never a good thing.

    Hugs to you though being chased further back in the cave. :-( Was this an actual nightmare?

    This is very close to my zombie fear. Not only is dead and it wants to touch you, it wants to eat you and it won't stop lest you cut of its head. I send you an axe my friend, a shiny shiny axe.

  3. Katn: You're spot on about the texture. I used a slurry of mostly acrylic for the background. When I peeled the two sheets apart the thick acrylic left a very nice sandpaper-like finish. I really need to do more of these once I kick this annoying virus.

    Jesse: Actually, this is really more of a waking nightmare or fantasy. I corrected the tag, as the plain old “nightmare” tag was a bit misleading.

    Also, don't waste your concern on a bleeding Fuzzy Skeletonian. All healthy, strong members of the species bleed freely from the strangest places.

  4. Right not only am I disturbed by this skeleton having a penis when he shouldn't, but he's bleeding from it and seems to have splashed it all around him. These Fuzzy fellas really scare the hell out of me because they don't adhere to normal rules. I love that.

    You need a particularly strange imagination to make work like this, but you have a great prescription for it Vincent and I'm jealous if it. If you read a story of mine with a skeleton with a bleeding penis don't sue me, I'll just be borrowing the idea ;)

    • Wow, thanks : ) That's quite a compliment coming from someone who already has a pretty dark imagination!

      I wish I could say where my strange inspirations come from but I don't make a point of trying to figure them out. I just follow their lead and hope it all makes some sort of sense by the time I'm done.

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