5 thoughts on “faces in the background

  1. I like how this one maintains all those 'Vincent' qualities, but now the skeletal face seems to have retreated a bit into the murky background, merging and undulating with it. It kind of amps up the creepy a bit now that the face is looking at us from the corner its eye. or worse, it hasn't seen us yet!

  2. As I was scanning this and preparing to post I also noticed how the face definitely seems to merge with the background. There's even a couple of incidental lines that seem to suggest cheek bones.

    As for the side-eye, I seem to be trending towards that lately. I've got a few other pieces I completed in the past couple of months with similar orientations.

  3. I just noticed, the thumbnail view of this piece in the sidebar. It takes on a more substantial quality at that distance. Perhaps also I am sitting too close to my monitor. LOL On the smaller one, the background becomes almost rock like. Very cool.

  4. You're absolutely right. The area behind his left “cheekbone” seems further away, making him seem to emerge from the rock. I even looked at the original from a distance and the same holds true. Good catch!

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