This is actually the flip side of stalactite rain.  I’ve often been using both sides of my paper lately to make the most of my materials and maximizing opportunities to practice technique.  Anyway, this guy seems to be emerging from some sort of bloody or fiery vortex.  The original is noticeably darker and bloodier, it makes me wonder where I’m going with my artwork.  Do I want to do it for art’s sake?  Do I want to do it for myself only?  Do I want to make money at this?  It’s quite an issue to wrestle with.  Hopefully, I’ll emerge from this murk with some clarity soon.

7 thoughts on “emergence

  1. This one has a similar quality to Blood Bursting Crazy where the representational elements have fallen away to reveal the raw emotion beneath. I can appreciate the facial elements in the piece, but I'm really enjoying the texture and the severity. I could easily see this hanging in a gallery. :-)

    Can't help you on the commercial versus personal. I waffle between those myself. I squeeze as much personal as I can into every piece, but sometimes – the bills have gotta get paid.

  2. Thank you. I'm glad to see I was able to communicate effectively on my preferred artistic emotional level. And yes on the texture. I've been loving what simply using a little chunky acrylic can do!

  3. I like the formless quality of raw explosion it has. I too could see it hanging in a gallery, although I'd want it to be HUGE – at least 8 feet tall.

  4. Here's how I look at it. All art is for art's sake to some degree. Simply because it's art. Somewhere, somebody would enjoy that art, no matter what format, what it's about, etc… Some will like it because it's visually appealing, some will like it because they understand the message. Did that make sense? Hence, your art should always be what you want it to be/say what you want it to say. You have something to share with the world and you should share it as you see fit. Even if you're not aiming to please the masses, someone will always be drawn to it and get something out of it and appreciate it, but the bottom line is your art is ultimately for yourself and what it provides you. And in my opinion, if people like the stuff enough to buy it and proudly put it in their home, then more power to ya. Why not make a living off something you truly enjoy doing? Something that allows you to be your true self? There is nothing wrong with that. That is not selling out, that is lucky. That's what we all dream of doing.

    I still don't know if that made sense. I feel like I'm coming down with something so I'm a bit out of it. Hope you had a good Xmas!

  5. Gweb: Thanks and you're right, larger would definitely enhance this, give it more power.

    Katn: Yes, that all made sense. I appreciate the perspective and “That is not selling out, that is lucky.” are definitely words I need to remember. Thank you and feel better soon.

  6. A merry Yule to you, you one of the most consistent guys I've met on the web… unlike me, coming and going and whatnot… heh heh.

    Art is an exploration is it not? Can it be otherwise? And if it is not for you and it is not an exploration, then it is a craft and not an art. Either way is fine, but one way has a paved road, the other way requires a machete to create a road. Just look at the road you've created and you decide which way it shall go from here. No one can tell you.

    Bestest new year and a glad twelfth night!


    ps… oh, and as I offered KATN, I would gift you with a tarot free reading for the coming year, should you desire it.

    pss… oh yes, I should let you know that the dragon-pulled santa sleigh image on my blog did not get created by me. I found the image on the Skyrim website. No idea who made it.

  7. Thanks, Camille. And that's an insightful way of looking at the difference between art and craft. Definitely a valid perspective to keep in mind when comparing the two.

    And a good new year to you too!

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