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     I’ve been feeling stressed lately.  Stressed and a little crazy.  October was an amazing month.  Not only did I have three day weekends all month, not only did I complete my Octoberween-Palooza-Ganza without a hitch but I also got inspired to paint a buncha shit.  I got spoiled during October.  Got a taste of what it’s like to have plenty of free time and energy for my artistic pursuits.  Furthermore, my brain has switched over.  I’m an artist now, not a fucking factory worker.  I’m getting really pissed off at having to work, having to put up with all those assholes.  The only thing that keeps me on a fairly even keel is the fact that suffering makes for good artistic content.  Okay, okay, enough venting.

     Not sure what this was supposed to be.  A flexing arm with a bulging bicep or some disembodied genitalia.  Either way, it’s bursting and releasing pressure, which is nice to see.  The crazy has got to get out one way or another.

9 thoughts on “blood bursting crazy

  1. Sorry to hear of the blood bursting crazy, but man this piece is sweet. This certainly steps it up a notch. :-) This is pure and raw and dramatic. It doesn't have to have any representational qualities to say what it needs. The message is all in the image. My first flash looking at it is H. R. Giger's space jockey from the movie Alien. Wooden fecal darkness bursting with blood. Good stuff! Want more!!!

    Huggs on the factory drudgery. Tasting freedom does change things. Maybe that is just your true voice calling you to a better life. :-)

  2. Gable: Thanks. Yeah, I was leafing through my recent paintings and this one really fit my mood. Pressure needs to be released somehow, even if it's just in my artwork. 'Course, I may be allowing myself to become sick of work simply because I can afford it with two more holiday breaks coming up.

    Jesse: Thanks. Raw and dramatic is what I'm into right now. Not that it's all that original. A lot of artists and filmmakers make their debut with horror/gore themes. Also, never considered the fecal angle on this. It really ramps up the raw gore of this piece to view it that way!

    As for my true voice, I have to say it's getting harder and harder to ignore lately. Gonna have to find a way to let it speak more in the future.

  3. We need a much better balance between work and free time, but I'm at a loss as to what else we can do. Enslave people to clean up cat puke and do grocery shopping, but I suspect that would just create a whole new set of problems. Haha yes I just joked about enslaving human beings.

  4. I've struggled a great deal on the balance between work and free time and laundry (the great enemy). I have had to forswear many social niceties to find my way through that murk.

    All I can say is get good at Juggling. Sell the hell out of your art, prints, etc. :-) Working on that one myself. Also looking at taking up new skills…If I can get funded to go back to school for learning programming or web design.

    Ha ha Stacia on Human slavery. …but people have so many uses. Remember! Solyent Green is people! :-) Sadly though…Soylent Green will not clean the litterbox for you. :-(

  5. Yeah, I'm still debating about selling my art. Actually, it's more like I still get the heebie-jeebies every time I think about the prospect : P We'll have to wait and see what the future holds.

  6. Well, I'm glad to know I'm not the only stressed out one around here. There's safety in numbers.

    We all need to move to Europe where we can get a reasonable amount of vacation time.

    what Jesse said: sell that art! People will buy it! If we were in the same town, I'd be volunteering to be your “manager” and I'd be busting my ass to get you into all sorts of shows. And by the way, another friend commented on my skellie the other day (the first one, the new one isn't framed yet).

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