Fuzzy Giveaway 2011!

     The Fuzzy Skeletonian Insane Mega-Giveaway is officially closed and the good news is all three of you who signed up and participated in this year’s Octoberween-Palooza-Ganza are GUARANTEED to receive your very own Fuzzy Skeletonian orginal artwork!

     The EVEN BETTER news is that you will have a little say in which of my fuzzy fellas you receive!  I know I originally stated that it would be a random giveaway but since there are a whole ten skellies up for adoption and only three of you signed up, I’ve decided give you all a chance to state your preference.

     So, what I need from each of you is to take one more look at all ten and then email me with the names of three (3) you wouldn’t mind receiving.  Please don’t tell me your favorite or list them in order of preference (I don’t need that kind of pressure, man!), just the three names in no particular order.  Also, don’t forget to include your current mailing address.  If you don’t happen to have a preference or would rather be surprised, please state that in your email.

     In the end, everyone will still receive only ONE original artwork but at least this way you will have some say in the matter.  So, let me know as soon as you have a moment.  I will, of course, wait for all three emails before I mail anything off.

     Thanks again for all your comments and taking the time to actually participate in my OPG!

4 thoughts on “Fuzzy Giveaway 2011!

  1. Hey, all the best my friend. It's been a busy busy but interesting month thanks to your ganza and my new job. Taking a bit of a break from art and blogging, but I'll be around keeping an eye on the sphere.

  2. First off: WWWWOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

    Second: Great job on October. I loved it all. That final post was really really awesome. I loved the story and the pictures that told it. I really connected to it. Thank you.

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