smudges and greed

     Here’s more of my dry erase fuckery.  This was drawn before wavy brain, before I cleaned the board.  You can see the all the smidgy smudges of my fingers.  I also accidentally bumped the board with my cock thumb and smudged the hair a bit when I was positioning this to be photographed.  And I didn’t even bother fixing the smudge.

     Yeah, that about sums up my attitude of late.  I’m just like, “Fuck it, whatever…  I’m tired.”  The heat, the overtime.  I feel like introducing myself to people:  “Hello, I’m Jack and I’m a dull boy.”  At the same time, I also feel like I’m just being precious.  Just upset that I don’t have more free time.   I feel greedy.  I mean, I have time to do my crazy little artworks and blog about them on a regular basis so why am I upset that I don’t have EVEN MORE TIME?  Greed.  Self-indulgent greed.

5 thoughts on “smudges and greed

  1. I know how you feel man. I make it a point to get up EXTRA early every morning so I can blog about something. It's not always quality but there's content. Because if I don't do it in the AM it'll never happen.

  2. Just stop it. If you feel like you lack free time, then you probably really do need more of it. Nothing wrong with that. There is no greed involved. We all need what we need to rejuvinate.

    I'm glad you didn't draw this today, or I'd be a little worried.

  3. Sure, some jerks say “at least you have a job” or something passive-aggressive like that, but (a) it's summertime in a hot state and (b) you have a really physical job and (c) you don't even get a weekend unless you take vacation time. Anyone who gives you a guilt trip over wanting more free time would be complaining if they were in the same predicament you are.

    It'll be October soon then the holidays, so you'll have free time to recuperate. Maybe get a little extra time to draw and accidentally bump your cock into the finished product, who knows.

  4. Sometimes inner needs manifest as negative when they have been put off for too long. I know that if I put off my creative urges for too long, I get frantically angry and end up blowing up. Often it is in such a way that it clears the path towards what I need…like time to be creative, or sexual, or restful. Sometimes it manifests as anger, sometimes as sadness, sometimes as greed. Just your emotions telling you what you are in need of. You've been working hard man, of course you're going to be greedy of your creative time. :-) HUGGS

    I have a set of minimal boundaries where my emotions are concerned and I try to keep them heavily fortified, but sometimes (like this year) they get overrun and chaos ensues. Hold fast to the thought that the future holds change. That regardless of what today is, evetually tomorrow will be different. HUGGS.

    I like the teeth on this one btw.

  5. Thanks everyone! I guess I need to stop comparing myself to others and just listen to myself regarding what I do or don't need. It's easy to lose sight of that when I'm spending a lot more time at work, around all the rednecks who pride themselves on working long hours, thinking their stickin' to the man by logging extra hours on the weekends. I just can't wrap my head around all that. Overtime pay is HARDSHIP PAY not super, lucky bonus, blowjob pay.

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