under the surface

     Here’s a moldy oldie from the Summer of ’89.  I find this one interesting because seems to show the content that I fully embrace today just barely starting to emerge in my early drawings and doodles.  It’s just under the surface and it’s poking its head up to say ‘Hi’, trying to disturb the serene scene above.

     Heh.  Maybe this guy’ll show up on the 4th, bringing his flamey flames with him and I can drunkenly order him to light all my fireworks for me.  Have a good holiday, folks!

2 thoughts on “under the surface

  1. “HOW GOES IT, EH?” HAHAHAHA I thought this was pretty awesome and I was trying to find some symbolism then I saw that scribed on his face and I had to laugh.

    When I look at this all I can think of is that famous Simpsons “Shining” Spoof where Homer is sitting in the snow mumbling, “Urge to Kill…RISING!”

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