dad or murder?

     This one reminds me of my dad for some reason.  I think it’s the hair, except my dad’s hair was curly and not at all coarse or spiky.  Also, my dad only had one eye and it wasn’t in the habit of bleeding profusely.  So maybe this isn’t my dad.  Maybe it’s the partially decomposed corpse of the guy I killed back in April.  I think I like the sound of that the best.

     Tired ramblings aside, this is my latest greatest effort with my brush markers.  I do love using messy, impulsive technique.  Very fun and satisfying.  Hey, thanks for stopping by and have a good weekend!

3 thoughts on “dad or murder?

  1. Are you familiar with DC Comics – The Creeper? :-)
    I do feel like his eyebrows are coming for me. How big is this piece? If it is larger than 8.5 x11…I don't think I could spend a lot of time in the same room with it. I'm imagining it on an 18×24 canvas. I'm gonna talk you into painting yet… :-P

  2. This is on some big, scary 11×14 70lb. sketchbook paper! ;> Works well for marker drawings and the like.

    I actually have some 90 and 140lb. watercolor paper hanging around so painting is in my future when I get around to it.

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