volcano brain

     Here’s my latest.  I ended up with a big, stacked, volcano brain-type thing here.  This is pretty fresh so I can’t say too much about it right now but I’m guessing this is another self-portrait.  A lot of this nose bleed stuff is.  Maybe I’m trying to say I have a lot on my mind.  Who knows!

3 thoughts on “volcano brain

  1. I'm really enjoying the Nose Bleed collection. I lvoe the skulls and blood trails. So awesome.

    I assume this has to do with Carnosaur. You're brain is trying to escape. I don't blame it.

  2. Hot lava brain runneth over! Take cover!

    Are you being serious that you don't know the meaning behind this and others in the series? If true, that's quite interesting because you seem confident that several of them are self portraits. I wouldn't expect you to know that seeing as you're unsure what some of the images represent. Then again, I'm not an artist so perhaps this is not an unusual or interesting occurrence at all.

  3. Oh, Carnosaur wasn't THAT bad! I'm pretty sure I've fully recovered : ) Yeah, my favorite palette to work with lately is black, white and RED. So much fun!

    When it comes to my older stuff, I can usually tell you what's going on with a fair amount of certainty but my newest works are a different story. Especially when they come out of nowhere, like this one.

    I didn't PLAN any of what you see above. I just sat down and started making lines on the paper at first (note the doodle-like line that forms the border between the skull and the exposed brain). When shapes started to form I went with them and added contour lines and the hairy stuff. The floating dots and small, squiggly hairs around the edge were achieved by loosely holding the marker with a very general aim and jabbing at the page. Finally, the skull face was added towards the end to complete the look and give this otherwise foreign shape a familiar feature.

    I find the end result of drawing in this fashion is a creation that has a lot of raw unconscious content. Content that I'm not fully aware of because I'm simply too close to it. Even with drawings that have more deliberate planning put into them (i.e. Mangina) there are still features that I add which can be interpreted differently depending on your viewpoint. You saw “thigh-ginas” on Mangina when I was actually trying to draw his hairy legs showing through ripped pants. Or was I?

    Well, I've rambled on enough. I hope this answers your question.

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