snatch chest and nintendo memories


     Look what I found!  Proof!  Proof, I tell you!  This is some pre-Sharpie craze India ink stuff that proves, or rather explains, how I was so easily able to draw Mangina vs. Cockasaurus.  It was simply something that I had done before!

     At the time I drew this I was pretty sure it was just from playing Ultima: Quest of the Avatar on ye olde NES.  There were these monsters called “Snatches” (seriously, I’m not making this up).  They basically looked like meatballs with stubby legs and had big, sideways mouths opening and closing in spectacular, two-frame, sprite animation!  This was a kids game.  A game which taught you the basics about Truth, Love and Courage and how those three principles combined to make the eight virtues of Honesty, Compassion, Valor, Justice, Honor, Sacrifice, Spirituality and Humility.  How they got away with Snatches I’ll never know.

     Anyway, Nintendo game trivia aside, I thought this drawing was rather interesting when taking into account the past and present states of my artistic inclinations.

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    And Nintendo caused many a brilliant thought back in the day. Actually…still does. (But only the old systems. The Wii is too active to think straight)

  2. Snatchface! Of course, why didn't I think of that?

    Speaking of the NES, I played Avatar TO DEATH. I still have it, in fact. I like to go through the beginning quiz of questions that determines what class your character will be. I kind of use it like a personality test. I used to be a toss-up between the Paladin (strongest) and the Shepherd (weakest). More recently, I've progressed to a choice between Paladin and Bard. It kind of makes sense in a weird way. I'm not quite as prone to waxing and waning between “Superman” and “slit-my-wrists whiny boy” and I find myself trending towards being more compassionate (the virtue the Bard represents) in general.

  3. I have nothing to contribute to this conversation of video game things you speak of, but I'm digging the sketch because there's so goddamn much to look at. And wonder about. I especially like the skellie making his presence known from beyond the page.

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