you and me and the OPG

     One of the many things I learned from my father is this:  If you want to get something done you start by promising that you’ll do it.  Then you stagger out into the garage, drink some more and pass out, sitting in front of the wood burning stove.  Mission accomplished.

     Having grown up in that kind of inspirational environment it’s not hard to see why I started planning my Octoberween-Palooza-Ganza in December.  As I am unaccustomed to actually accomplishing goals I figure the earlier I start, the better.  If I accomplish only one thing this year, it’s going to be my OPG.

     So far, I’ve just let my mind wander on the subject, waiting to see what occurs to me.  One of the thoughts that keeps floating around in my brain is the idea of original art giveaways.  Specifically, something like this:


Actual size 5.5″ x 7.5″ on 90lb. watercolor paper and more detailed than what the scan shows.

     Behold the power of my fine-tip Japanese markers!  I also used a red Sharpie and some red watercolor paint for that added zing.  To get to the point, would you guys actually want something like this?

     I’m thinking I might’ve hit upon something kinda neat but it never hurts to get some feedback.  Anyway, gimme a shout when you have a minute.  Thanks.

5 thoughts on “you and me and the OPG

  1. HEY YEAH! I'd love one of these. And as far as the OPG….your smart for starting early on in the year. So not only do you have plenty of time to get it done but we can also enjoy the spirit of October for the whole year!

  2. 1. Domo arigato, Japanese markers (sung to the tune of Styx, of course). I like thee very much.

    2. I'm ALL FOR any sort of art giveaway you are willing to part with, and will fight tooth and nail to win something.

    3. I think we might have the same father.

  3. Ok, cool. This is enough of a response for me to go ahead with this idea. I love my new Japanese markers and I love drawing my fuzzy skeletonians so it'll be easy for me to have more than a few of these done in time. Thanks for the feedback, peeps.

  4. These fuzzy fellas are so awesome. They give you that creepy sense of fear but add an itchiness that makes you scratch as you look at them.

    Just the right amount of red too. Guess I'l have to welcome them to my nightmares tonight now,

    Cheers, Tony.

  5. Thanks, Tony. I'd never thought about the itchiness angle before but you're right. The fuzziest of my skeletonians might even give you an allergic reaction!

    Yeah, I've been loving the blood lately. I'd say while my ketchup drip styling definitely brings the gore to the party it lacks the poetic lethality of a pimento smile : )

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