art and horror

     If you haven’t already, take a look-see at my new Links tab and don’t forget to stop by A.D. Art and check out Aquilus’ totally boss jack-o-lanterns (best viewed full size and full screen).  Now for my latest nonsensical ramblings:

     This drawing is one I could’ve easily used for my Octoberween efforts if my hand had taken longer to heal up.  It seems the majority of my art quite easily fits into the horror category, although it took a little while for me to warm up to the idea.

     I’d always thought of my art (particularly the Sharpie craze) as my own personal confrontation with my inner demons and emotional issues.  Not a horror movie full of screams and gore but an exploration of my most secret desires involving sex, violence, isolation, anger, regret, jealousy, etc.  When you think about it, though, that kind of content and more is the basis of all good horror.  I guess I’m just too close to my art the vast majority of the time to see it objectively.

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