skull ghosts and dollman

     This one just screamed out to be negative-ized so that’s what I did.  Had to experiment for a minute to get the right shade of color that’s the opposite of the nice electric blue you see here but I think it worked out well enough.  The blue makes my little skully guy look a bit ghost-like.

     Last night I gave my drawing hand a good hot soak while watching Dollman and I think the raw power and undeniable charisma of Tim Thomerson helped my hand heal up a bit.  I hope to resume my Octoberween drawing efforts tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “skull ghosts and dollman


    I see this drawing as microscopic…there's a nucleus in the corner…and that blob on the bottom is some kick ass zombie virus attaching itself to everything.

    And that skeleton is one of the dead crew members from the fantastic voyage. lol :D

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