memories of feathers

     Well, the bad news is my right hand is starting to weaken from all the jerking off drawing I’ve been doing this month.  The good news is I dug deep into my sketchbooks and found a few more unposted past works that can be safely put into the horror/Halloween category.  They may not be new but they’re at least new to you, and that’s fair play in my book.  At this point in the month I’m not looking to place, I just hope to finish the marathon.  If that means I have to end up using my left hand (the stranger) to complete a few drawings then so be it.

     This work is among some of the last I completed during the initial run of the Sharpie craze in my 30’s.  I may have to revisit the quickly drawn feathers on either side of this guy’s face.  I’d almost forgotten how much I enjoyed that sort of thing.  Perhaps I’ll try to do a fallen angel theme, building on the idea I created with dickhead.  It’s a thought.

2 thoughts on “memories of feathers

  1. I like how you rotate around that circle around his head from left to right that the craziness gets more violent as you go. Very cool drawing man.

    And NEVER for any reason quit jerkin it. If you're wrists can't handle it then maybe you should draw WHILE your jerkin it.

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