crazy bones

     First off, I’d like to welcome the new followers I’ve gotten his month.  It’s great to connect with people of similar interests and pursuits!

     I’ve decided to go ahead and end the redux series since I seem to be drifting away from actual skellies (not to mention typing that thing out in the subject line every time was starting to get on my nerves).

     What I have for you today, while fuzzy, is really more reminiscent of the more general category of the Sharpie craze than anything else.  Not strictly part of the craze, this was definitely drawn in the same sort of style.  I also find it encouraging that I was able to think of the idea of the bones converging on the skull in the center before I started the drawing.  Most of the time my drawings just sort of happen and I don’t know what I’m going to end up creating until it’s done.

     I better stop rambling for now.  Thanks for taking a peek.

2 thoughts on “crazy bones

  1. I'm not sure how to take this one. The cyclops dude, which is awesome by the way, is either extremely pissed of and lightning bones are exploding from its skull from a serious rage OR he is summoning the powers of evil and bringing all the bones to him. Either way its cool.

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